boy book

New Release!

Meet Michael. Michael learned at a very early age that he had a special gift. He had the power to make people feel love with just thinking positive thoughts. I Love ME! and Others Too touches on bullying and being different. It is timely in reminding children that being mean to others is not ok.

1st Event of 2017!


A parent & child goal planning event.

An opportunity for you and your child to create your vision boards together. Either bring a poster board or have a reusable pre-made canvas board ready for you at the event. There are 5 options to choose from. Canvas boards are great option and allow for more customization. You can move your items around including relocating them to a certain section once your vision/goal is completed.
Canvas options coming with matching ribbon sectioned off to help you in your planning.

We will also discuss how to use planners, journals and more to help you focus on your goals.