1st Event of 2017!


A parent & child goal planning event.

An opportunity for you and your child to create your vision boards together. Either bring a poster board or have a reusable pre-made canvas board ready for you at the event. There are 5 options to choose from. Canvas boards are great option and allow for more customization. You can move your items around including relocating them to a certain section once your vision/goal is completed.
Canvas options coming with matching ribbon sectioned off to help you in your planning.

We will also discuss how to use planners, journals and more to help you focus on your goals.

New Book Release! – Available NOW

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For most kids moving into a new home is one of the most exciting days of their childhood, but for Destiny moving day is filled with worry and concern. Destiny has vitiligo, a disease that causes patches of your skin to loose its color and turn white. She’s worried that that the kids in her new neighborhood won’t accept her for who she is.

I Love ME!….Breakfast & A Book Event Recap

breakfast53.001We had such a great time at our “I Love ME!….Breakfast & A Book” Event.

The event was held at Dazzling Diva Day Spa which is such a great place to hold an event. The spa even offered our attendees discounted “Prissy Manis” the day of the event.

Each of the guest where greeted at their table with a mini breakfast and a “Breakfast At Tiffany” style gift bag, which included black sunglasses, pearls and a tiara.


We had young Aaliyah from A Touch of Warmth read “I Love Me And My BIG HAIR!” which lead into her speaking to her peers about why it's important to love yourself and why being different is ok.



I Love ME! Ambassadors in attendance lead the group in reciting the I Love ME! Pledge and EDEN BodyWorks gift bags where handed to each of the kids.  Each child received an 8oz jar of the new EDEN Kids Berry Curly Creme.


Poet & Author Valerie Smith, conducted our workshop for the day. The workshop consisted of the kids picking positive words out of a bag and describing what they meant in relation to being beautiful from the inside. The kids used those words, and some of their own, to create poems on “why they are beautiful”.  Each child was provided with a mirror which they glued their poems to. Everyone had a chance to recite their poem to the group.




We ended with our “Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover.” Reminding kids that what matters is what is on the inside. We wrapped a variety of books as “tiffany gifts” and all that was visible was a typed description of the book. After each child had a book, the kids opened them all at the same time, sharing what they had chosen to read.




And of course, what's an I Love ME! event without a photo-op!

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You can view the full photo album on our Facebook Fan Page

We are looking forward to the next event!

Today is our ONE year Anniversary!

Today is our ONE year Anniversary!

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And to celebrate our Newest Release is Available for Pre-Sale beginning today! (March 15, 2015 is the Official Release Date) at the discounted price of $7.00. Sale ends February 28, 2015

When Kyla was four she had a very bad fall and as a result she is unable to walk. Kyla is starting school this year. While in school for the first time Kyla feels sad about not having the use of her legs. “Why can't I just be normal like everyone else?”, Kyla thought to herself.

I Love Me..and my Wheelchair! is a heartwarming story about a girl that learns that she's perfect just the way she is. Find out who helps Kyla learn that being different is okay!

I Love ME! Book Series partners with EDEN BodyWorks in support of the EDEN Kids Launch

UnknownWe are excited to share with you that it was announced today that EDEN BodyWorks has expanded their line of products to include products made for the little ones!! Yes, EDEN BodyWorks now has EDEN Kids!!! This wonderful new kids line is available NOW at www.EDENBodyWorks.com and exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply (select stores).

AND that's not all! EDEN BodyWorks has partnered with several children's authors to offer a complimentary book with purchases  ($20 or more) of the new Kids collection! You guessed it “I Love Me And My BIG Hair!” by Julia R. Davis is one of them!!  Not only will you get easy to use products, but a great book for your child to enjoy while they are getting their hair styled.

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“EDEN BodyWorks has been one of my staple products for years and I am honored to have the I Love ME! Book Series be a part of the launch of their new children's line.” – Julia R. Davis, Author


The new line is designed for children ages 4-12 and has an amazing strawberry and coconut scent. Already released in the product line: Coco Shea Berry Detangling Shampoo, Coco Shea Berry Detangling Leave In Spray Conditioner and Coco Shea Berry Curly Creme. In April 2015, they will be adding two products to the line: Coco Shea Berry Moisture Milk and Coco Shea Berry Smoothing Gel.


“As a new mother, I spend a lot of time speaking with other moms, and I continually hear how challenging it is to find affordable hair care products for their children that they can trust,” said Ylorie Anderson, VP of Marketing for EDEN BodyWorks. “We want products that provide us with safe ingredients and benefits for our children’s hair, while easing the stress of washing and styling.”


WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!  If your child is attending I Love ME!…Breakfast & A Book this Saturday February 21, 2015 at Dazzling Diva Day Spa, you will receive a jar of the NEW EDEN Kids Coco Shea Berry Curly Creme (8 oz.) – www.breakfastandabook.eventbrite.com


Make sure you are following EDEN's Instagram page and stay tuned for the #EDENWonderMoms campaign Feb. 23-28th.  There will also be upcoming workshops in serval cities so be on the look out.

And as our I Love ME! Ambassador Pledge States –

“Always Remember, at least once a day to say I LOVE ME!” – Julia R. Davis, Author


A page from "I Love Me And My BIG Hair" written by Julia R. Davis and Illustrated by Ayanna Davis

A page from “I Love Me And My BIG Hair” written by Julia R. Davis and Illustrated by Ayanna Davis

The Very First Activity Book

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I Love ME! because….Workbook, Journal & Calendar is a companion activity book that can be used in conjunction with the I Love ME! Book Series or as a stand alone workbook.

There is a place for children to keep track of their weekly schedules, school projects, chores and more. Also includes daily worksheets to record dreams, goals and reasons why they love themselves.

Not only a book to help provide daily encouragement for self-love, but even a journal section for children to record additional thoughts.
Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-6-8
Written By: Julia Davis