I Have Cancer and I Love Me!

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I Have Cancer and I Love Me!$14.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

The doctor has finally given May the okay to go back to school. After years of fighting cancer, this is the news she’s been waiting for. She can’t wait to become friends with the girls at the bus stop. But the girls, that May has spent months watching from her window, aren’t as accepting of the “new” girl who looks different from them.
Bullying comes in all forms, from physical violence to mean and hurtful words. I have Cancer And I Love Me! tells the story of three girls that learn that it isn’t nice to be mean to someone just because they look different, and of May who learns to not let other people’s opinions determine her self-worth.
Includes “I Love ME!” Pledge
Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-1-3
Written By: Julia Davis
Illustration By: Ayanna Davis