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I love me because……I’m DIFFERENT!$12.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

Alice is a young girl who longs to be like everyone else. She doesn’t even look like her twin sister Elizabeth who has perfect dimples. When the kids at school begin to bully her, Alice tries to find creative ways to adjust her appearance and become what she thinks everyone wants to be. With the help of her loving Grandmother and her twin sister, Alice learns that not being like everyone else isn’t a bad thing.

In today’s society where so much pressure is placed on kids to dress and act a certain way, I love me because…I’m DiFFERENT is a timely and heart warming story that teaches young girls that it’s okay to be different.

Printed Book, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-0-6
Written by: Julia Davis
Illustration by: Ayanna Davis

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I love Me And My BIG Hair!$14.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

Beauty comes in all shapes and all sizes; from big hair to short hair, straight hair or curly.
In I Love Me and My BIG Hair!, Raven learns a valuable lesson, from the person that she least expected. She discovered that it is easier to love yourself for who you are, than to try and change for someone else.
Includes a coloring page and the “I Love ME!” Pledge
Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-2-0
Written by: Julia Davis
Illustration: Ayanna Davis

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I Have Cancer and I Love Me!$14.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

The doctor has finally given May the okay to go back to school. After years of fighting cancer, this is the news she’s been waiting for.  She can’t wait to become friends with the girls at the bus stop. But the girls, that May has spent months watching from her window, aren’t as accepting of the “new” girl who looks different from them.
Bullying comes in all forms, from physical violence to mean and hurtful words.  I have Cancer And I Love Me! tells the story of three girls that learn that it isn’t nice to be mean to someone just because they look different, and of May who learns to not let other people’s opinions determine her self-worth.
Includes “I Love ME!” Pledge
Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-1-3
Written By: Julia Davis
Illustration By: Ayanna Davis

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I love Me…and my BIG DREAMS $14.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

Ty’Asia isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Will she be a brain surgeon or a ballerina? A princess or a profes- sional athlete? There are just so many choices she’s not sure if she’ll ever decide. The one thing she is certain of however, is that SHE gets to decide. That’s an important lesson that girls need to be taught at an early age.

I Love Me… and my BIG DREAMS! encourages young girls to dream big and reinforces the importance of believing in yourself.

Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-3-7
Written By: Julia Davis
Illustration By: Ayanna Davis

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.02.48 PMI Love Me…and my Wheelchair! $14.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

When Kyla was four she had a very bad fall and as a result she is unable to walk. Kyla is starting school this year. While in school for the first time Kyla feels sad about not having the use of her legs. “Why can’t I just be normal like everyone else?”, Kyla thought to herself. I Love Me..and my Wheelchair! is a heartwarming story about a girl that learns that she’s perfect just the way she is. Find out who helps Kyla learn that being different is okay!


Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-4-4
Written By: Julia Davis
Illustration By: Ayanna Davis

autism coverI Have Autism and I Love ME!! $14.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

Although Yani knows she has Autism, she is not really sure just yet what that means. Yani does know she is a little different from her sister and brother, but not sure why. I Have Autism and I Love ME! touches on some of the areas a family goes through when one of their children is Autistic and is a great start to opening the discussion on Autism.



Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-5-1
Written By: Julia Davis
Illustration By: Ayanna Davis

workbook cover2I Love ME! because…..Workbook, Journal & Calendar $18.99 (reg) $15.99 SALE


I Love ME! because….Workbook, Journal & Calendar is a companion activity book that can be used in conjunction with the I Love ME! Book Series or as a stand alone workbook.

There is a place for children to keep track of their weekly schedules, school projects, chores and more. Also includes daily worksheets to record dreams, goals and reasons why they love themselves.

Not only a book to help provide daily encouragement for self-love, but even a journal section for children to record additional thoughts.


Printed Books, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-6-8
Written By: Julia Davis


Update book coverI Love ME! Mini Journal $1.99

Mini Journal (size 6.5 x 4) to write down goals, dreams, notes and just day to day thoughts. The back cover consists of the “I Love ME! Pledge”





I Love ME! Adult Journal $8.99

Adult Journal (size 5×8) to write down goals, dreams, notes and just day to day thoughts.







card coverI Love to Inspire ME! (Daily Motivational Cards) $14.99


36 Daily Motivational Cards to help your child (or even you) start the day.  There is a card for every day of the month and even a few extra to give to friends. Set includes an additional card which contains the “I Love ME! Pledge” and a heart memo clip to display your card for the day. Card size 4×4




screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-05-43-pmI Love Me! and the Skin I’m In $14.99 (Reg) $9.99 SALE

For most kids moving into a new home is one of the most exciting days of their childhood, but for Destiny moving day is filled with worry and concern. Destiny has vitiligo, a disease that causes patches of your skin to loose its color and turn white. She’s worried that that the kids in her new neighborhood won’t accept her for who she is.

Printed Book, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-7-5
Written by: Julia Davis
Illustration by: Ayanna Davis



I Love ME! ..Activities that Inspire me $12.99 (reg) $9.99 SALE

I Love ME!…Activities that inspire me is the 2nd companion activity book that can be used in conjunction with the I Love Me Book Series or as a stand alone workbook. You will find positive word searches, coloring pages, activities around eating healthy and more.



boy book

I Love Me! and Others Too $14.99 (Reg) $9.99 SALE

Michael learned at a very early age that he had a special gift. He had the power to make people feel love with just thinking positive thoughts. I Love ME! and Others Too touches on bullying and being different. It is timely in reminding children that being mean to others is not ok.


Printed Book, ISBN-13: 978-0-9916087-8-2
Written by: Julia Davis
Illustration by: Ayanna Davis

plannersI Love ME! and All I Plan To Be – Planners Introductory Price $30.00

Planner is designed to work for both adults and children. Who better to have as a planner buddy.

This is an undated planner so you can start at any time and will be a great way for our your to get organized for the upcoming school year.

The planner includes a detailed intro on how to use each section; details on how to choose your one word focus, book list, month and weekly views, water tracker, quote section, accomplishments and so much more!.

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